Cyberworlds 2017 Success

We are pleased to be hosting the International Conference on Cyberworlds at the University of Chester in September 2017. As such we were keen to submit our own work to this peer revewed international conference. The following include Chester authors, and have been accepted for presentation at the conference:

Short Papers
  • Peter Butcher and Panagiotis Ritsos., Building Immersive Data Visualizations for the Web
  • Thomas Day, Wheelchair-MR: A Mixed Reality Wheelchair Training Environment
  • Thomas Day, William Dobson, Christopher J. Headleand, Nigel John and Serban Pop, Using Virtual Reality to Experience Different Powered Wheelchair Configurations
  • Celia Romo, Francisco A. Conde, Nigel W. John and Juan Carlos Torres, Modeling Deformable Objects for Medical Training with Haptic Devices
  • Helen Southall, Lee Beever and Peter Butcher, Traversing social networks in the virtual dance hall - visualising history in VR
  • Mark Holland, Serban Pop and Nigel John, VR Cardiovascular Blood Simulation as Decision Support for the Future Cyber Hospital
  • Francesco Cosentino, Nigel John and Jaap Vaarkamp, RAD-AR: RADiotherapy - Augmented Reality

It is great news to have so much local participation.